We have war inside us. Sometimes it keeps us alive, sometimes it threatens to destroy us


destroy the idea that clothing has gender





comment s’appelle un chien qui vend des médicaments?

un pharmachien

why the fuck is this joke in french and why there is 26k notes am i missing something important

something really important

what do you call a dog that sells drugs?

a pharmacy

yeah it’s really only funny in french


BPW - Day 05 - Favourite Billie Photoshoot(s) [2/4]

Billie Piper shot by Kevin Morosky (2013)


I would wait a million years

requested by morrelled


graphic redo [x]

              ↳ “is this about to get really violent?”

I love details and our set designers are incredible with details. I think props is one of the most fun departments on set. So I’m going to have to just say the details of everything. If you look at every book, if you look at every journal, they’ve filled it out. It’s unreal, the amount of time they’ve put in.

get to know me meme: [1/10] current celebrity crushes → Holland Roden


Can’t I be strong and go to prom?

I went to college but I didn’t finish. I went to a theater conservatory and they were really strict about the way they were teaching us to act and I didn’t like it. I would start to question whether… I would start to say “Can I try this way?” or “Can we do different things?” and they were very strict in their method of acting and I just think that art is grey. It’s never black and white, so I left.

i still don’t understand why you’re in charge.

                  b a s i c a l l y ,  i t ’  s  t h e   e y e b r o w s.

d: ..don’t rob any bank what?
c: without me.
d: of course not,  b o s s .